Slope Instability

Wakefield Quay Waterfront Site Developments, Nelson, (2002, 2003)

Working in association with local and national engineering firms we have provided geotechnical services to three of the six major projects along Wakefield Quay since 2002. Slope stability assessments and confirmation of ground design conditions during soil nailing and site excavations for two major site redevelopments at 309 and 379 Wakefield Quay along the Nelson Waterfront between the Port and Tahunanui.

Site redevelopments include 2 and 4 story apartment complexes involving construction of major retaining walls and installation of more than one hundred 12 m long soil nails at each site.

Testing Soil Nail capacity, 379 Wakefield Quay (2002)

In addition to providing design confirmation and certification services we are providing on-going geo- technical services having designed and implemented a Geotechnical Maintenance Schedule (GMS) to comply with consent conditions.

The figure below shows an elevation drawing of the sprayed-concrete wall currently being monitored.

Rocks Road Cliff Stabilisation (SH6), Nelson, Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner (1994)

As local subconsultant to BECA, acted as the Engineer’s Representative undertaking engineering geologic mapping of the cliff face via abseil access, design implementation verification and project management for protection of 1000 m2 of rock perched 40m above the State Highway.

Tahunanui Slump Investigations, Nelson (since 1992)

Numerous site-specific investigations within and at the perimeter of this large (26 ha) active documented damaging movements in 1929 and 1962) landslide with implications for more than 120 houses. Specialized knowledge of Section 72 of the Building Act.

Arapuni Rockfall Hamilton, Mighty River Power (2000)

Abseil inspection of a 30 m high rockface shedding debris into an operations area of the Arapuni Hydro Station on the Waikato River. Geotechnical remediation design was developed with urgency to protect scheduled multimillion dollar plant upgrades.

Arnott Heights Landslide, Greymouth, Grey District Council (2000)

Geotechnical investigation of landsliding developed suddenly following a prolonged rainfall event (after a month of near drought conditions) undermining the majority of the only road into a sizeable hillside subdivision. Remedial design and a risk assessment of further damage and possible impact to downhill properties was undertaken on an urgent basis.

Kainga Ra Youth Hostel, Greymouth, EQC (2000)

A second opinion was provided to assess the continuing risk and confirm remediation options for a landslide, which failed on a steep slope behind a two storied structure, slamming into the rear of the building.

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