Site Plans

Site plans are an indispensable part of Geo-Logic’s geotechnical reporting.

Plans and maps are usually the most accessible way for most people to understand their project. Since 2003 our site plans are constructed using ArcMap, the spatial visualisation component of ArcView/ArcGIS. Data stored in geodatabases are added to a template based on the Project Index (refer back to Projects & Services > GIS).

One impressive advantage of GIS is that digital data from a variety of sources, and initially in a variety of formats, can be manipulated through ArcCatalog and seamlessly merged into a single ArcMap plan. Possible data sources include:

• GIS data previously created by another organisation, such as Councils
• CAD data
• Digital air photo and satellite data
• GPS data
• Scanned (raster) images
• Digitised ‘hard copies’ (e.g. using a digitising tablet)
• Field observations (entered manually)
• Tables (in *.dbf or *.csv format)

Several data frames, potentially each referenced to different coordinate systems, can be combined in a single layout view. A special add-on, the CEDRA Dxf Export, allows us to re-export the ArcMap product in DXF format, making the spatially referenced data available to surveyors and engineers who use CAD rather than GIS software.

For more information see Geodatabase.

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