School Visits

As part of our community involvement, Geo-Logic welcomes opportunities to take our subject to young minds in the local high schools and other groups.

Field work narrations and Civil Defence seminars have been provided to:
• Nelson Central School
• Hira School
• Parkfield School (Motueka)
• Upper Moutere School
• Nelson College
• Nelson Tasman Civil Defence

These are presented free of charge with payment in kind being the opportunity to answer questions asked by the students / parents / attendees.

Inviting schools in

On the reverse side, Geo-Logic took part jointly with Nelson City Council in the 2006 ESRI-sponsored “GIS Day”. The day is intended to raise the awareness and interest of secondary school pupils in the prevalence of geography in everyday life and employment opportunities. GIS is an excellent avenue for exploring geography.

Here’s what we wrote for the Eagle Technology GIS Day newsletter:

GIS Day 2006 – Nelson

The Nelson GIS Day event (held on Thursday 3rd August) turned out to be a serendipitous coincidence of intentions. Staff at Geo-Logic were initially keen to host a school group for the day, but being a small company felt it would be better to join forces with a larger organization, such as Nelson City Council.

Things looked lukewarm, however, until the geography teacher at Garin College, Denis Moriarty, just happened to call Nelson City Council to ask if someone there could show students how they use Geographic Information Systems. With some quick phoning around, Martin Erasmuson at NCC arranged to host a group of 10 Year-12 students for an hour. A smaller group of 4 Year-13 students later visited Geo-Logic Ltd for 45 minutes.
The NCC-hosted show, presented by Martin Erasmuson, Michael Ogden and Ian Tyler, used a promotional video from ESRI, followed by a well-aimed PowerPoint presentation (photo, right) showing many of the uses that NCC make of GIS. A round of questions from Denis Moriarty, backed up by his students, then prompted a “live” demonstration of NCC GIS, including on-the-fly 3D visualisations!

The students had previously worked on a research project using a variety of remote sensing data, so were quite well prepared, and hopefully went away with something to add to their course. GIS buttons supplied by Eagle Technology were a hit! We also presented them with customized certificates for their participation in GIS Day 2006 (see picture below).

After shuttling students to and from Garin College, part two of the day was held at the office of Geo-Logic Ltd (photos). The aim was show both how Geo-Logic handles GIS data from a variety of formats and sources, including NCC, and also how GIS is applied to geotechnically focused applications.

The students showed a good level of interest, although we felt afterwards the benefits might have been greater if the same group, who had seen the NCC presentation, had also been able to visit Geo-Logic. A longer visit would have allowed the students the experience of driving the GIS for themselves. Even so, the Year-13 students did seem to be well prepared and engaged.

On the whole, we thought the afternoon was pretty successful. In future a larger programme and more preparation time might increase the benefits to students and hosts.

Our thanks to Eagle Technology for supplying GIS Day materials and general support.

Slide show in NCC chambers

Certificate of Participation

Fielding questions on Geo-Logic’s application of GIS to creating a Project Index

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