Salisbury Pedestrian Suspension Bridge load testing, Bainham, Golden Bay, MWH Ltd & Tasman District Council (2004)

Provide procedural and on-site operational control for load testing of the historic (1887) Salisbury Footbridge, using equipment and experience gained from the Department of Conservation’s Visitor Structure Inspection Program. Testing was required to confirm the adequacy of foundations, details of which are unknown, and of time worn primary structural components. We also provided guidance with analysis of the structure and design of upgrade and repairs.

This bridge was built in 1887 and was a lifeline to people working and living on the Quartz Range for 95 years until a road bridge was built in 1982. It has been a lifeline more recently too. The road bridge was swept away in a flood in 1985, and was again the only route in and out of the Quartz Range, until a replacement bridge was constructed 10 months later.

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