Our commitment to transparency and transferability includes contributing wherever possible to open-source literature. Indeed, progress in science and engineering depends on dissemination of experience and knowledge.

With this in mind, and while remaining respectful of client sensitivity, it is Geo-Logic’s policy to publish the findings of our investigations in appropriate journals and magazines. In addition, we like to draw attention to publications that may be of interest to a general audience.

The following pages contain examples of articles we’ve published, or which we think you may find interesting:
Tahunanui Slump (1996, 2002)
Cliff face stabilisation (1998)
Earthquake information worth knowing
Deformation processes in fault rocks (2001)

e.nz magazine of ideas in engineering topics published by IPENZ

ArcUser magazine for ESRI GIS users in many fields

Geological maps published by Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd

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