Geo-Hazard Investigations

The Nelson region is host to a complex array of geological terrains and structures, and a wide variety of rock and soils types.

Although a large part of the present-day plate boundary displacement in northern South Island is taken up on faults of the Marlborough Fault System to the east, a number of faults in or close to Nelson remain (potentially) active. Among these are the Waimea, Flaxmore and Eighty-Eight Faults.

In addition, and largely due, to the complex regional geology, the terrain of the Nelson-Golden Bay region ranges from low-lying coastal plains to steep mountains. The combination of geological activity and varied terrain means that hillsides and ridge slopes are locally and predictably prone to slumping and landsliding, especially during and following episodes of heavy rain.

At Geo-Logic, we’ve developed expertise in geo-hazard assessment in both of these and other areas, and offer specialised services in the investigation of potential hazards affecting proposed development sites.

We particularly focus on geo-forensic investigations, unravelling the history of fault movements and slope instability, in order to better understand and predict present and future hazards.

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