Building Foundations and Retaining Walls

Design review and design of numerous residential building foundations, retaining walls and other structures, many with difficult or high risk site constraints. Conversely, confirming that there are unlikely to be significant ground related constraints can be a well received conclusion.

Examples include:

• The Geo-Logic office, 17A Examiner Street, Nelson where we excavated a basement story under, and added a top story to our 1875 villa.

17A Examiner Street DURING

17A Examiner Street AFTER

Investigation and design for excavation and retaining at the toe of an existing 1.8m high boundary retaining wall. Deep piled foundations to underpin the existing house and support new additions through soil placed as uncompacted fill prior to the original construction many years ago. Similar conditions have been present at other project sites in Nelson, often requiring similar solutions.

Investigation, certification, design review and construction observation of overall development including cut and fill earthworks, retaining walls and house foundations on hillside property traversed by variable ground conditions, faulting and landsliding (see below).

Rural residential property development geotechnical certification of building sites, access drive, control of stormwater and land application of effluent within a complex geotechnical setting (fault hazard overlay, locally elevated groundwater and areas of active slope instability) Retaining wall design and swimming pool design review and construction observation (see below).

SPCA Dog Kennels, involving investigation and design for cut and fill earthworks and foundations on landslide terrain (see below).

Assessment and replacement design of failed retaining walls, , Earthquake Commission, NELSON (2005).

Slope instability often disregards property boundaries. Geo-Logic investigates and reports on natural disasters for the Earthquake Commission (EQC). This often involves bringing together the needs of the Commission and multiple landowners to achieve a mutually acceptable result.

Flying Fox Foundations, Happy Valley Skywire, Cable Bay, NELSON (2001 & 2002)

Design of cantilevered tower foundation system for high profile 1.6km flying fox for an innovative Skywire tourist attraction, Cable Bay Road, Nelson. The adopted system utilised large concrete pads and ground anchors to resist that overturning actions.

Tahunanui Stormwater Upgrade Stage 1, NELSON, Nelson City Council (1998)

Geotechnical investigation of foundation conditions for a 6 meter deep pump station and 900 meters of pipeline through fill, estuary and beach deposits.

Pebble Beach Golf Course, Northern California Golf Association, California (1981)

Geologic and soil investigation to develop design criteria for a clubhouse and 18 hole golf course, involving mapping, exploration trenching and seismic refraction surveys.

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