Dam Site Investigations

Paul has significant experience in dam site investigations. While employed with Wahler Associates in California (1979-1984) Paul was involved with implementation and planning of geotechnical investigations for existing earthen water supply dams and tailings dam construction throughout the Western United States.

More recently both Paul and Bruce have undertaken geotechnical and condition assessment work for dams in New Zealand. They attended the NZSOLD Dam Symposium in Wellington (August 2006) to maintain up-to-date skills and Bruce is considering applying for “Recognised Engineer” status for ‘Low PIC’ dams.

Stormwater Detention Dam, Haycock Road, Richmond, NELSON (2005)

Working closely with project engineer Richard Walker, we provided geotechnical inspection and interpretation of ground exposured during excavations for a 3 m high stormwater dam constructed within a fault hazard zone.

Dam Safety Review, Onekaka, Golden Bay, Electric Waters Ltd (2002)

Inspection,structural analysis and assessment of condition of abandoned historicconcrete arch dam, and suitability for reuse to store water for aproposed mini hydroelectric power development.

St Pats Dam Assessment, West Coast, Solid Energy (2001-2002)

Inspection,structural analysis and assessment of condition of 50 yr old abandoned concrete arch dam, and suitability for reuse to store opencast minesediment runoff.

Te Awainanga Hydro Electric Scheme, Chatham Islands; CHATHAM ISLANDS Enterprise Trust (2001)

Supervision, logging and permeability testing of foundation drilling for a proposed 25 m high dam located about 10 km east of Waitangi. The project was intended to reduce the Chatham Islands current dependance on imported diesel to generate electricity, replacing it with renewable hydro-power.

A stranded relict of the Islands fishing history

Paul conducts an inclinometer survey

Columnar basalts

Remediation of Waste Rock Dump & Sediment Storage Dam. Mt Frederick Opencast Mine, Solid Energy (2001)

Slopestability analyses of 3M m3, 170m high waste rock dump, above andencroaching on liquefaction prone sediments impounded behind an earthdam. Effects of strong seismic ground motion and 3D effects accountedfor.

Wilson’s Dam Reservoir Slope Stability Assessment, WHANGAREI, Whangarei District Council (2000)

Engineering geologic reconnaissance mapping of the perimeter of a proposed 1 km long water supply lake was undertaken in partially dense bush-clad deeply weathered volcano-greywacke terrain. Following detailed stereoscopic aerial photo analysis, field delineation of active and potentially active slope instability features was completed and included development of mitigation measures to minimise the geotechnical impact of reservoir filling and operation

Hydro Power Opportunities – 5 Scheme Pre-feasibility Investigations, Tasman Energy Ltd, NELSON (1993)

Engineering geological site feasibility assessments were undertaken using helicopter transport to three of the more remote schemes to include fly by and field reconnaissance mapping. Evaluation of foundation conditions for proposed excavations, intake and powerhouse structures were completed with regard to geology, seismicity, stability and engineering characteristics.

Cuesta La Honda Dam Site, Cuesta La Honda Guild, CALIFORNIA (1983)

Investigated cause of failure and developed remedial measures for satisfactory abandonment to protect downstream water supply reservoir.

Springerville Fly Ash Storage Facility, Tucson Electric Power Company, ARIZONA (1983)

Geotechnical site investigation for phased construction of a 100 ha retention facility, which included permeability testing and borrow material identification.

California Gold Project, Gulf & Western, Sonora, California (1982)

Geotechnical tailings dam site investigation involving core drilling, permeability testing and borrow identification.

Madrigal Water Supply Dam, Boyle Engineering Corporation, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (1981)

Field investigation coordinator, program design assistant and implementation working in conjunction with local engineering firm Ingenieria Civil Dominicana. Engineering geologic mapping, logging/interpretation of exploration drilling, permeability testing for a preliminary foundation design investigation to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed major (90 m high) water supply dam some 30 km northwest of the water short capital city.

Blackbird Cobolt Mine Tailings Facilities, Noranda Mining Inc, IDAHO (1980)

Geotechnicallogging of foundation investigation drilling, permeability testing andreconnaissance engineering geologic mapping for a proposed 100 m highstaged tailings earthen impoundment. Field work completed in the remotewilderness area of east central Idaho, 60 km by dirt road from thenearest town. Other proposed facilities investigated included a watersupply dam, diversion ditch spillway structure and barrow sourceinventory mapping.

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