Cliff Face Stabilisation

Stuart Palmer
Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd
Paul Denton
Montgomery Watson New Zealand Ltd


State Highway 6, Rocks Road, Nelson traverses the base of a 40 m high sea cliff. Sections of this cliff face have been subject to ongoing local failures that have caused temporary closure of the state highway. The stability issues have been three fold:

(a) Creep movement of fill at the top of the cliff.

(b) Potential failure of a rock block on unfavourably oriented discontinuities.

(c) Ravelling of the rock surface.

To address these issues a reinforced concrete pile palisade wall, dowels, inclined drains and rockfall protection netting have been provided. This paper discusses the design and construction of the stabilising works.

Extracted from: Roading Geotechnics ’98 Proceedings of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society Symposium, Auckland, July 1998, p. 253

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